Bitcoin Mining on Windows 10 for FREE! (minus your electric costs).

Bitcoin Mining on Windows 10 for FREE! (minus your electric costs).

In this blog post I will show you how to start mining Bitcoins in Windows 10 for FREE using Bitcoin Miner.

You are not going to make a dime doing this, however, it can be a learning experience if you want learn about mining cryptocurrencies. Once you learn the basics, moving on to cloud mining with may be a very smart and profitable idea.

Mining from home on your desktop PC will require 1, 2 or more good graphics cards (GPUs) — I’m using one Radeon RX 480 in this example. When mining, GPUs will be doing all of the work and your CPUs won’t be doing much. This is why CPU mining is now a lost dead art. Mining rigs are built with 6-8 (or more) GPUs…

First, get yourself an account on where you can get a trusted free Bitcoin wallet to deposit the cash you’ll earn from mining. You could skip this step, and mine without a Bitcoin wallet, but you wont be able to redeem any funds until you get a wallet address.

Once logged in, to create Bitcoin wallet addresses, you’ll need to go into the Account section and click receive under Bitcoin wallet. Once you do that….

….click on tools , and notice the address column (above). These are your Bitcoin wallet addresses that you have to place into the mining program’s configuration files in order to deposit funds into your wallet.

Once you have a Bitcoin wallet, go to the Microsoft  App store in Windows 10 and download Bitcoin Miner.

Hit install, and then launch.

Once in Bitcoin Miner, you’ll need to quickly set things up by entering your Bitcoin wallet address, and setting for maximum performance – see images of that below.



Once these configurations are all set up, just click start, and start mining!



Satoshis are the units of Bitcoin you are earning. If you want to see how much you’ve earned, click the View Online link.

Once you’ve earned 5,000 Satoshis the currency will be deposited into your Coinbase account.

Currently 1 Satoshi is 0.0001724287 of a Bitcoin — Check exchange rates here.

If you dig being able to sit back and mine Bitcoins, you may want to try Cloud Mining. Basically you buy a contact with a cloud mining company like¬† They have mega ASIC systems specifically designed to mine cryptocurrencies. You pay up front for a year’s contract for example and every single day, cryptocurrency is credited into your account.

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Another trusted Cloud Mining site is:

Feel the breeze!